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Hello everyone!

I hope you had the most amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the year ahead. The New Year does however bring a constant stream of new years resolutions, fad diets and unused gym memberships. Every year people see it as a chance to change their lives from the moment they wake up on the 1st of January and quite often meet the feeling of failure and disappointment when they can’t maintain their newfound lifestyle straightaway. It seems that with the ‘beautiful’ lives of social media ‘stars’, this is getting worse every year, when we are striving to meet the sugar-coated ideals of this picture-perfect world. In doing so are we just setting ourselves off on the wrong foot?

Research into new year’s resolution show that majority of resolutions are abandoned in the first month[1]. Leaving us feeling negative and disheartened in ourselves. Shouldn’t we be focusing on doing things that we can sustainably achieve and that make us feel great about ourselves in the long term? Shouldn’t we be looking back at how far we have come since last year, what amazing things we have achieved and rewarding ourselves for that, creating the confidence in ourselves to achieve more incredible things this year, and passing that confidence to those around us?

Let’s try to start this year on a positive note of self-love and care. I am a big advocate of self-improvement and I think we can all make a big difference to the world around us by making just a few little changes. Changes are more successful when we start small and stick to it, over and over again until it becomes a habit. Instead of trying to overhaul your wonderful self and end up feeling worse, why not try learning to love who you are and be proud of yourself. These little changes make all of the difference.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to make sure that they are achievable and measurable, so that you can celebrate as you work towards it. My goals this year are to make time for me and to continue to reduce my plastic waste, neither of which are massive changes. To help me measure my success, I have adapted them to:

  • I will give my self two hours to myself every week in which I turn off my phone and laptop and do something for me.

  • I will reduce my plastic usage 1 item at a time, starting with plastic bags, and cutting out a different single-use plastic each month

I’m excited to tick these off in my diary as I complete these each week. I am also going to run a monthly email programme, if you would like to work through my plastic-free monthly challenge with me! It will be full of support to walk you through making these small changes, free handouts, a supportive community, and it will link to some of our TideUp box products! Sign up to our mailing list to get involved, together we can start to save our seas, that help so many of us and fill us with joy!

Now we can start the year full of hope and pride, knowing that we achieve great things and really make a difference to ourselves and the beautiful world that we live in. Let me know what your goals are this year, and we can all support each other.

Share your goals with me in the comments, or Tweet and Instagram them using the hashtag #tideup

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes,


[1] Bupa/ComRes (2015)

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