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Free Food in Granada!

The beautiful city of Granada was the first place Ben and I travelled together following a tip from my old Spanish teacher. We went for one week in June and it definitely was not enough!

We flew the short flight from Bristol to Malaga and experienced the horror of hiring a car on the wrong side of the road, in a city undergoing major roadworks but after an hour’s drive, we arrive at our lovely air bnb on the edge of the Albaicin quarter of Granada. Our lovely host Fran gave us a few suggestions on where to go for tapas namely Bodegas Castañeda.

So after getting unpacked and showered we headed for the city centred armed with my almost forgotten Spanish to find the famous tapas bar and low and behold there it was on the corner so we found a seat and order a cervesa and eagerly awaited the free tapas only to receive a few olives and some crisps. Whilst I will take any free food that I can get this was not quite the famous tapas I was expecting. Later that day our thoughts were answered when we realised that the bar we had gone to had the same name but was not the bar we were looking for, so the next day after hours of exploring the technicoloured Arabic quarter we turned up a traditional looking bar with huge barrels of wine on the wall, this time seats were bar stalls or you were standing, but for the price beers or sangrias you could feast on plates of Spanish tortilla, potato dishes, bruschetta, meat plates and so much more with a different plate coming out for each drink you ordered and the food was some of the best Spanish food I have eaten all freshly prepared. We went back to Bodegas Castaneda several times in the week, but it was amazing in every place we went from the local bar to classy champagne bars with each drink came these free tapas that make for the most wonderfully social dining experience as you can enjoy a talking your evening away over drinks with more food coming every time. It is one of these cities where you needn't look where to go for dinner just go where it is busy! You could easily spend a week here and never pay for food! There are even a few vegetarian and vegan tapas bars opening! The food was a huge highlight for me but the whole city was amazing with several different quarters holding different cultures and the beautiful sunset from the top of the hill over the Alhambra, it is a truly amazing cultural experience.

Whilst Granada is not my usual beach based trip being an hour from the sea, we found a beautiful reservoir “Los Bermejales” a short drive away in the mountains with crystal blue waters and hardly another person in sight, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic and swim, before heading back for more tapas. If you love trying new foods and spending hours chilling in the sun with friends over a few drinks then I would definitely recommend Granada!.

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