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Sugar is the Secret to Smooth Summer Ready Legs - Plastic Free Hair Removal

With the sun finally out I felt that it was time to get the silky smooth uber tanned legs out! I joke my legs are fully winterised, pasty white and a little hairier than I would like to admit. But when I reached for my trusty razor it worked as well as a bar of soap. Which put me in a dilemma, I didn't want to buy a new plastic head and I didn't have the money for a nice shiny metal one. When the my misery was answered by the wonderful Plastic Free Mermaid, who posted that it is possible to wax your legs with sugar.

I was both intrigued and terrified, I have never waxed my legs, let alone with hot sugar. I figured it was better to try now when I still have a good month of jeans weather to cover up any unfortunate mishaps and decided to give it a go! So I did my research and it seems there are two options, hard wax or soft wax, the latter looked more like commercial wax strips so I went with that option and started prepping my wax. It is a very simple recipe with only sugar, lemon juice and water but you do have to be a bit careful, I managed to burn my wax so when it cooled it became a solid mass of sugar. The ideal consistency comes when it is a colour between honey and golden syrup.

So I set about making another batch and cutting up an old t-shirt to use as the strips. After leaving it to cool for about 20 minutes until it was no longer running straight off the knife, I cautiously slathered a strip of my leg with the warm wax, covered it with the fabric and pressed it down, before ripping it off. Not only was I shocked that it was nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be but the patch of my leg was now smooth and shiny, it worked even though I have incredibly fine leg hairs. I probably got more excited about this than is normal and enthusiastically continued ripping hair from my legs, even through out a telephone interview. Before long I had one part of my summer leg dream completed, they were still painfully pail but at least they weren't red and blotchy, and they were now super smooth! I couldn't believe that it had worked so well and fuelled with this excitement and a small about of remaining wax, I decided to try and wax my eyebrows! I know what you are thinking this is a terrible idea for someone who has no waxing experience and a little out of shape eye brows. I first tried to apply the wax with my fingers but it just kept sticking, so I used a table knife which is a surprisingly good shape for eyebrows. I used my smaller fabric strips so that I could see what I was doing and with two sharp rips I had eye brows that would have taken a lot of plucking and tears to achieve and the pain was so much less I couldn't believe it.

So it is official I am a sugar wax convert, goodbye expensive razors and prickly legs, hello ultra cheap, environmental friendly hair removal and summer ready legs!

If you want to give it a try see the recipe below!

1 cup of sugar (I used caster)

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1/4 water

1) Mix them all together in a pan and put on a high heat, stirring regularly.

2) Boil until colour starts to change (4-5 mins) and then reduce heat till bubbling slows so you can monitor the colour.

3) Continue stirring until golden brown (see picture)

4) Pour into bowl or jar to cool for about 20 minutes, stirring occassionaly

5) Check temperature on your arm, then use an impliment to thinly apply wax in the opposite direction to hair growth.

6) Cover with fabric strips and press down

7) Pull off quickly in direction of hair growth

Remaining wax can be stored in the fridge and reheated for future use. Fabric strips can be washed and reused.

So there you have it sugar really can give you great legs!

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