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Spring Weekend Beach Break | Seaton Devon

I may be easily excited, but I was so excited a few weekends ago as I hadn’t been to the sea in six weeks and I had serious withdrawal symptoms! I was bouncing up and down like a small child in car, luckily Bens’ parents have a beautiful spot in east Devon and as we pulled up on Thursday night, I could hear the sea crashing in the minute I opened then door and I immediately felt calmness. On Friday I worked with the most incredible view of the sea glistening in the sun light, it didn’t feel like work at all with that view. In my lunch break I took a stroll down to the sea only to find a huge buoy had washed up in the storms. I love finding strange things on the beach and surprisingly the beach was beautifully clean. It was the perfect working day, I just wish I could work there every day! As the sunset over the sea, the fire was lit for a cosy night on the sofa.

Saturday was just one of those days that you could not plan to be better, the sun was shining for the first time in weeks and it was unseasonably warm, so we set about on the 4 miles of coast path to Branscome. It was a day that would have been better suited to June with the warmth of the sun on our backs causing us to ditch winter coats, daffodils lighting our path along the fields of tiny leaping lambs. Despite spending four years of my life at university less that 30 miles away I have never explored much of the Jurassic coast and am very bias towards my precious Cornwall for being better than Devon, but the view was breath taking! The coast here is so different to that of Cornwall with sheer white cliffs and towering silhouettes of chalk, above vast pebbled beaches leading to a relative flat sea of deep blue.

The miles disappeared so quickly with the laughs and long catch ups continuing. Whilst the majority of the walk is not strenuous I would not recommend it if you are unsteady on your feet as when we neared Branscome we were faced with an immense hill that had it been dry was destined to be rolled down, but we opted for the endless wonky stairs on the way down. I would not have fancied my chances on the way back up after a pub lunch! After a short stop at the beach for a west country cider refreshment, we took a different way home picking our way around the cliff face, which looked even more magnificent as the sun lowered in the sky it was beautiful and really felt like a little holiday compacted into a day. After a long walk we did the only acceptable thing of getting into our pyjamas and eating a yummy dinner, before we had to return to the reality of city life the next morning.