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What's in the box - March

So last months theme was all about spring sea air! The magical day that usually occurs much earlier than it has this year, that day when you no longer need to wear ten layers of knitwear to run to the shops for bread. That day when you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin for the first time in months. That day that lights up not only the sky but also your mood and feelings of hope, after many days of feeling bogged down and under the weather over the winter. The day when the sun first glistens on the water and the seagulls swirl up above. We tried to wrap up all of those feelings in a box and deliver it to doors across Europe!

As our boxes went out just in time for Easter it seemed only fitting that we included an Easter egg but this was no ordinary egg, but a Cornish fudge egg, made from raw ingredients, suitable for vegans. Let's be honest you are never too old for Easter eggs. Raw Chocolate Pie a brilliant company based in Cornwall who makes raw chocolate fudge bars in so many different flavours that you will be spoilt for choice, whilst they are all delicious my personal favourite is pink Himalayan sea salt. They make for a lovely treat but you will have to be very well restrained not to eat a whole bar (we won't judge you if you do)!

Next was an exclusive wave bath melt, to leave you feeling warm and rested, whilst feeling those salty vibes fresh from the sea. The luxurious shea butter and lavender to moisturise the body and de-stress the mind.

What more could you want after a nice relaxing bath than a great nights sleep and pukka good night tea can give you just that with beautiful notes of oat flower, lavender and lime flower. I can barely keep my eyes open after one of these. We all know that everything seems better after a good nights sleep so why not help yourself get those precious zzz.

But before you go to sleep taking the day off of your face is so important but there are so many nasties and unrecyclable products in our skin care routines, so we included 100% cotton reusable makeup pads. Not only are they super cute in a mermaid-worthy blue but they are incredibly soft on your skin and can just be thrown in the washing machine and then used over and over again.

Last but certainly not least is probably my absolute favourite from this months box, it’s a beautiful silver pebble stack bracelet handmade in Devon by the lovely Beach Comber Devon. It reminded me of the pebble towers that we would spend ages making as children on the beach, but the jewellery version is so delicate and dainty, so you can always carry the beach with you where ever you go. I am certain this incredible artist will feature in more boxes in the future but if you are looking for beach jewellery then be sure to check her out!

So that’s it for our Spring Sea Air box but make sure you subscribe now to get your hand on our next box which is Beach Beauty and so will be full of all your essentials to get you beach ready in time for the return of the sun!