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Vegan Taco

I would say I am an intuitive eater. I eat what my body craves, usually within moderation, but there may have been a few chocolate binges getting through the last of my Easter goodies. My diet varies based on what I feel I need to eat. Coming from a vegetarian family, a lot of my meals are veggie, but if I fancy chicken or bacon or other meats I will eat it. Recently I have been craving salmon, so I eat that too. This has usually worked for me, but recently I have been very tired and not sleeping well in the night, so I have been falling back to sleep after my alarm. I recently started a new job, so I don’t want to be feeling run down.

I have challenged myself to eating vegan for a week, as loads of you lovely lot swear by your vegan diets for improved wellbeing. The problem was I really craved tacos and usually I would have them with chicken and pile them with cheese or Quorn chicken style pieces (which have egg in). I am so used to eating what I crave, that I didn’t want to deprive my body of it, as in my experience that normally causes me to turn to chocolate because I don’t feel satisfied. So rather than avoiding the craving I embraced them and decided to create tacos that were even better than my usual ones.

I raided the vegan section at the supermarket and concocted a new taco recipe that is smoky, tangy, spicy (and a little cheesy) and I am about to make it again for lunch because it was that yummy.

Omph pulled is soya meat substitute part of a new frozen vegan range in Tesco!

Serves 2


½ a pack of Omph BBQ pulled

2 vegan chorizo sausages

2 tbsp of sweet corn

1 onion sliced

2 table spoons of salsa

4 tbsp of refried beans

4 tsp of nutritional yeast

6 soft taco shells

¼ lime juiced

1 tbsp of jalapenos thinly sliced (add amount to taste)

1 tsb of fresh corriander


  1. Cook sausages to instructions

  2. Fry onion until soft

  3. Add oomph and sausages slices for 6 min

  4. Add sweetcorn and jalapenos

  5. Heat refried beans in a separate pan

  6. Spread bean mixture on one side of the taco shell

  7. Dollop taco mix in the taco shell

  8. Top with salsa and a squeeze of lime juice

  9. Sprinkle with nutritional yeast and coriander

  10. Tuck in!