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Little Happiness

Isn’t it funny that in today’s world we have more of everything, yet we are seemingly never satisfied? We live in a goal driven world where once you achieve that weight loss or that promotion, its straight on to the next one, we are never finished, never satisfied! We have lost the ability to simply be content. Maybe this is partially due to the never-ending streams of over filtered, staged lives of social media that we are hooked to like a morphine drip. But there’s an overwhelming sense of motivation to meet the standard of the “perfect life” that litters our news feed. Somehow as young adults we are meant to find our careers that somehow afford us the instafamous lifestyle; have the perfect home, be #relationshipgoals, travel the world like a nomad, all whilst maintaining the smoothie bowl, quinoa with a side of unicorn shit diet to sustain our chiselled godly bodies.

Don’t get me wrong I am 100% a sucker for it all, I mean their lives are so beautiful and I love me a smoothie bowl, but I am really trying to change my view on this. What we must remember is their posts are not reality but just a tiny perfected snapshot of their altered reality. I think we all know this to an extent, but it’s only been with the likes of Corinne Evans (corinneevans) and her incredible honesty that I truly realised these people are just people who have good days, bad days and everything in between and yes they do amazing things and go to amazing places but a lot of the time it’s just good photo!

Since I was a little girl I idolised my grandparent’s relationship, I mean 65 years of marriage and they were still like loved up teenagers dating in the park, holding hands and grinning like the Cheshire cat. They were really happy; they worked, came home, raised children and they were by no means wealthy. But what made them happy was exactly what scares many millennials to the bone, pure simplicity. They found happiness in the smallest corner of their day to day life, in their afternoon kitkat that they shared, in enjoying their dinner together every evening.

But now we are rarely focusing on just one thing at a time or just one person, we are obsessed multi taskers watching tv whilst eating dinner and talking to family, who are texting whilst on the way home from work. In doing so we have lost the simple pleasures and surrounded ourselves with constant bombardment. In so many of the beautiful photos of Instagram it is that, the simplicity that makes them beautiful, the candid shot of friends laughing, the dining table set out with a meal for two; the fresh flowers, candles and novels laid on a cosy blanket. They are not photos of a meal on the sofa with Netflix in the background or of three friends sat in silence scrolling mindlessly through their social media. If we are mindful about what is going on around us we can find that happiness that generations before us had mastered, the happiness of the smell of rain on the walk home or of sipping a cup of coffee and watching the world go by. Sometimes it is those things that no matter how small can be a little ray of sunshine in our otherwise hectic lives.