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Spontaneous Trip to Dorset

Everything has been a little hectic in our house recently what with moving house, Christmas, a business and new jobs to contend with. By the time that we work, socialise and squeeze in some time to exercise it is time to go to bed and start all over again, with little time to actually catch up with one and other. As my aim for the year is not to just let things go but to change things that I don't like, I decided that enough was enough and booked an Airbnb for the 2 days time, so that we could get away from everything and enjoy each others company.

So as work kicked out at 4 o'clock on Friday we loaded the car with all the necessities (copper fairy lights included) and drove the two hours to Dorset. By the time we neared our Airbnb it was pitch black and we questioned where we were heading with no houses or people for miles around. Eventually we arrived at a tiny group of houses and a very muddy field that stood between us and our gorgeous little shepherd's hut.

Once we checked in and dumped our bags we popped to the local village pub for a bite to eat, before returning back to our cosy cabin to light a fire and have a glass of wine (damp January is real!). Our hut was perfect with a full sized bed, an abundance of duvets and blankets, a little log burner and our own kitchen and bathroom.

After a good nights sleep we cooked bacon sandwiches on the barbecue and headed in the pouring rain to explore Weymouth. When we first arrived I was a little disappointed it seemed like your standard beach resort town out of season but we sort refuge from the rain in a gorgeous little cafe called The Good Life, with vintage furniture and tea cups strung from the ceiling. Filled with the warmth of hot chocolate we ventured on, only stopping momentarily so Ben could play in an arcade, until we found the beautiful old harbour surrounded by brightly coloured houses highlighted by the sun, which had finally breached the clouds and a maze of little streets with quirky little shops. It was a scene made for a post card and the beauty continued as we headed past the fort around the headland with far stretching views over the sea to Portland. Overall Weymouth was beautiful, if a little chilly, so after a short hunt to find a set of Uno and some food for dinner we snuggled in for the night by the fire with Uno, a glass of my favourite Psychopomp gin and made smores for the first time.

On Sunday we got up early enjoyed the very warm shower and drove to Durdle Door. I was a little apprehensive as I had seen the beautiful photos but I suspected a huge tourist trap but whilst it was busy it was easy to get away from the crowds of people that were there to take a photo and leave. Walking over the hill from the car park I was greeted by a gorgeous un-spoilt turquoise bay, with small waves forming a perfect zigzag like sharks teeth as they lapped on the sand. Further down we saw the iconic arch and right at the other side a single collum and a tiny arch away from all the crowds, surrounded by crystal clear water. From here we strolled (this is a lie as the hill is quite a trek but this makes it seem like I managed it without panting like a spaniel) over to Lulworth cove, one of the most picturesque fishing villages I have seen, surrounded by such beautiful blue sea. We were lucky enough to get a window table at the Boat Shed Cafe for a spot of lunch to really make the most of this view before heading back to the car and subsequently the city.

The weekend was everything we needed, time to switch off from technology and the demands of real life and spend time enjoying nature with one and other. Staying in a one roomed hut means you literally can't get away from each other. Where we would normally put on Netflix with dinner, we talked and played Uno for hours, I won of course! It is amazing how relaxed you can be when you are away from all of your responsibilities.

We stayed in Tony's Shepherd's Hut: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/15261129?guests=1&adults=1

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