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Plastic Free Shopping in Bristol

Having lived in Bristol for the last two years I feel very fortunate to live in such a amazingly diverse foody city, that is full of unique independent shops, cafes and restaurants. It has been amazing to see the plastic free community boom in the short time that I have lived here. If you are new to Bristol, the plastic free movement or just looking for new places to shop, I have put together a list of my top 5 shops for plastic free shopping. Not all of these shops are completely plastic free but they offer plastic free products to help you on your journey.

Zero Green

What better place to start than with Bristol's very first completely plastic free shop. A beautiful little shop on North Street in Bedminster, with a rustic interior full of various plastic free solutions. They have a whole wall for dry cupboard good like pasta, beans and grains that you can fill your own jars with or purchase one there. You can also buy different flours from their huge sacks, this is plastic free shopping as it should be. A spice stations with so much variety that I have managed to find spices I have failed to find in supermarkets. There is also a refill stations for toiletries and cleaning products, there is not a huge number of options but it covers most things that you would need. Among all the wonderful edible goodies there are also lot of different products to help you to go plastic free from sanitary products to bottles and sporks to razors. There are very few things that anyone on a plastic free journey would need that you couldn't get from Zero Green or that the wonderful owners would not be able to help you source. That said no review of Zero Green would be complete without acknowledging my favourite part, the yummy treat sections with chocolate covered fruits and nut, as well as some delicious truffles for you to treat yourself for making ethical shopping decisions.

Scoop away

Scoop away is not entirely plastic free but it is a essential part of Bristol's eco scene. It is located on Gloucester road, along side hundreds of wonderful independent shops. It is a great spot to get all of your plastic free essentials such as beans, grains and baking products, as well as dried fruit and spices. They also have a huge range of other products such as frozen goods, as well as refill station for cleaning products. So it is defiantly worth checking this one out, especially if you have any additional dietary requirements.

Fox and West

This lovely little spot is on Wells road in Totterdown, again is not completely plastic free but they have a wonderful little plastic free wall as well as load of unwrapped fruit and veg. Fox and West also has the benefit of a lovely cafe that is the perfect peaceful haven to people watch over an oat milk mocha and a piece of cake. They also offer meal boxes each week with all the ingredients you need to cook an exotic meal for four. This is also a lovely place to look for different foodie gift such as gourmet chocolate wrapped in compostable packaging. So if you are looking for a shop to pick up a plastic free dinner for tonight this is probably your best bet.

Smaller footprints

This is my new local plastic free shop having just moved to Clifton, so when I first ventured into town and found this tiny but perfectly formed shop I was very excited, unfortunately it was closed when I stumbled upon it. When I went back the week later I made it there on time and stocked up on my pasta ( I am a carb lover and I had a craving for marmite pasta ) and found the best selection of plastic free pasta that have found, bow pasta yes please! They have so much packed into this small shop, that you will be hard pushed to find something that you need from a plastic free shop, from spices to dry goods . The also have an extensive refill station for all your toiletry and cleaning needs and they smell so much better than lots of eco alternatives. If you are looking to do a big food shop you could just pop around the corner to Reg the Veg to get lovely fresh fruit and veggies to make a great meal.


Preserve is another wonderful little plastic free shop on Gloucester road just a little bit further up from Scoopaway. They have all of your essential dispenser goods such as nuts, beans and grains. They also have some really awesome gadgets like a nut butter maker in the shop and a milk machine so that you don't have to compromise on your plastic free journey for these essentials. They also have a number of refill products and toiletries such as shampoo bars. It would make a great plastic free shopping trip as you could pair this with scoopaway.

I am sure that there are a number of plastic free stops in Bristol but these are my regular haunts! Please share you favourites below so we can all share the knowledge.